WHO we are

5280 Flair started with 2 bartenders from TGI Friday's, Brad Kaplan and Mike Guzman. After Competing against each other they realized there was a much larger group of flair bartenders who wanted to advance the sport.

They started the Denver Flair Bartending club to promote practices and training to bring more flair to the bar scene in Denver. A few months later 5280 Flair launched as the only flair bartending company in Colorado.

Since the start 5280 Flair has pushed the entertainment and fun of flair behind their home bars, as well a training bartenders from all over Colorado, California, Wyoming, Arizona, and Hawaii. Together with liquor and mixer sponsors from all over the state, 5280 Flair has launched some of the biggest Flair Bartending competitions in the US including King of the Mountain, High Altitude Flair Challenge, Fool's Flair, Solar Flair.

5280 Flair looks forward to advancing the sport and entertainment of Flair Bartending. For inquires about training or event bartending please use our CONTACT PAGE.

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